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Otherwise view these no plug in clips

Here are some not so quick downloads. The resolution has been stripped down and the image made very small to make the fastest possible download. They should work fine in Netscape or Explorer. They may not work on all browsers. Click on the thumbnails to go to the video clip on a separate page. Be patient they may take two to four minutes or so to pull down so I added music to listen to while they come down. The images will load one at a time until there is a full sequence so it will look like very slow motion until the full clip comes down.

If you like the clip and want to keep it on your hard drive of your computer you can click the right mouse and save it to your hard drive for viewing later offline.

If they aren't workin on your browser please e mail me and let me know.


Bald River falls. This is the clip of the full size shot on the first page. (375 kb )


Killer underwater view of Tracy Clapp doing a mystery at Halls of Karma on the New. (413 kb)


McKoys' Chutes rapid on the Ottewah. This hole ride seg. is part of one of E.Z's preliminary rides at the worlds (k1 sq silver medallist). (103 kb)


Joe Byrd doin' some past vertical stylin at the 97 Ocoee Rodeo (k1 sq advanced 1st place). (193 kb)


Yours truly doin no stroke initiated washout on the Ocoee (k1 sq 1st place)(520kb)


Katie Niert at the worlds (k1 sqw bronze medallist) doing an incredible rocket move re-entry on baby face wave (501kb)




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