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All the images on this page that are .jpg or .gif files of the boat or someone in the boat are my property. The stills or video shots were taken either by friends or myself. I would be happy to allow any of these shots to be used free of charge for your web page under certain conditions.

1 That the images are used for web pages only (either commercial or non-commercial) and no other medium.

2 That your use of the image benefits me in some way. This can be achieved a couple of ways.

A. provide a link from your page into mine.

B. have text that identifies the design (Angst), the paddler (me usually), or me as the designer of the boat.

C. any other creative way that you or I can think of that your use of the image will help me publicize my design in some way.

3 That you e mail me and tell me your circumstances and get my permission expressly for each image you would like to use.


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