German Squirt Pages This site is in German. It has all the info on the annual squirt fest there.

Itillian Squirt Pages

Kellys squirt videos southeast US squirt video clips

NASBA No not NAMBLA, the North American Squirt Boating Assocation

Are you sick of every kayak website in the world putting up the same generic links to Dagger, WaveSport, etc. You already know where those guys are. When it comes to killing time on the web we have you covered. Enjoy below.

BeerForTheHomeless read what they are about and then read the forum

Naked sheep of the world. Its Baaad.

Mullets Galore. Yes supercuts, give me the father and son nascar fan mullett please

Extreme Ironing Every stupid thing these days is branded extreme. This is funny.

Demotivators Are you tired of those inspirational posters in offices

Joe cartoon Just some silly cartoons

The good names were taken. funny site, they have a good name too.

Spam Cop free service. They can track the real domain of cloaked spam and even give you the e mail address of the administrator of that IP!

The Onion at first appearance you would think that this is real news, but it is pretty clever comedy packaged as a real news web site.

Protest Central the name says it all doesn't it

Niagara Falls Live camera view of the falls

The Black Vault Boasts to be the largest collection of documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act ever to be published in one place. I found the site hard to navigate but you may be luckier.

The art of prank calls. Huge archive of prank calls in streaming "real player" format. Freakin hallarious.

Time kill central. Section of the web page for the NPR show Car Talk. Of special interest here is the hate mail generator.

River Gauges

Ocoee schedule

TVA lake info all the same info as the phone plus area precipitation and charts

USGS main page can get you to your regional data very quickly

Tennessee section of USGS page. The flows in this section help gauge the semi secret sweet spots as well as the regular Tennessee gems.

Alabama stream flows. For LRC take Blue pond reading minus 400 then devide by two to get inches at bridge.

New River Streamflow chart. Remember to multiply the Thurmond reading by 1.2 then subtract 3.7 to get the reading in feet at Fayette Station.

Gauley River Summersville dam outflow chart

Yough and Cheat Watershed

AWA gauges

Surf Report From Folly Beach SC to the North Shore, current surf conditions around the country and the world.

Colorado streamflow and weather. From the Mountainbuzz site.

Nolichucky at Embreeville


Weather links

National weather service up to the minute updates of your specific region

Atlantic Storm Tracking will give you instant radar pictures if there's action heading up the coast

Weather Channel can give current and forecasted conditions specific to your city or region.

Cool Wh2O Industry companies

Kayak Outfitting one stop shopping for foam and such. This is the only link you need. Probably because we own it.


TRA do not call list. Tennessee residents may now electronically register their home telephone # with the Tennessee Regulatory Authority on all solicitors do not call list

HAZMAT info. Actually an internal link to a list of sources for info. on the hazardous materials that boat builders and repairers use like Acetone, Styrene, Tolune etc

Kayak builders bulletin board. Lots of people post building questions on the squirt board. This is the place for building questions.

Universal currency converter. Is pretty handy for any country

The US house. E mail makes it easier than ever to let your government know how you feel. If you are in Tennessee you rep is Zach Wamp

 The US Senate. Contact info.



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