Volume is a crutch.

So is plastic.


The Angst planing hull squirt boat is the coolest thing since that goo you squeeze on your ice cream that turns into a hard shell. Utilizing extensive research of surfboard and bodyboard design principals, over one year was spent finding the best compromise of the necessary forgiveness and drop aspects of a displacement hull and the efficiency of a true planing hull to make a boat that would tear the river to pieces with balance in a hole and under water

Was your last boating session about as much fun as a trip to get your driver's license renewed?


The Angst has inspired a resurgence in new squirt designs. Many of these boats are designed around surfing as the primary aspect. Beware that the wider and flatter you go, the more you are locking yourself into one dimension and missing the beauty of squirting. The Angst opens you to all dimensions and achieves a balance of strengths from surfing to underwater balance to the ability to rotate into spins while on your long axis.

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